The Oval

Tweeting Up a Storm

This week, Trump’s retweets of other accounts was at an all-time high, as he used the platform to provide hurricane-related updates. But the president’s original – and typical – tweets remain the most popular among his base.

A new Twitter strategy? President Donald Trump retweeted more than usual this past week. Trump’s retweets made up 34%—or 40 of 117 tweets—of his overall Twitter activity over the last seven days.

Most of his retweets were related to Hurricane Florence, with the president retweeting accounts like the U.S. Coast Guard, CDC and the South Carolina National Guard. The account Trump retweeted the most over the past week was FEMA, with six retweets (although he also retweeted himself six times). In addition, Trump had 20 original tweets about Hurricane Florence, and six tweets about the death count from last year’s hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Interestingly, none of Trump’s top tweets by retweet had anything to do with the hurricane. Instead, the president’s most-popular tweets contained the typical political rhetoric against Democrats.