The Pool

Trumping the Midterms

Over the past week, journalists tweeted about President Trump more than 2.5 times as often as they did about the upcoming midterm elections or voting. It appears the media sees the midterms as a test of the country’s support—or opposition—of the president, rather than a vote for a new Congress.

In the week leading up to the midterm elections, Washington, D.C., journalists and pundits were focused on one politician: President Trump. Trump is not up for re-election until 2020, but the media continues to view the president as a key player in this year’s election.

The Fourth Branch’s mentions of the president rose to nearly 1,400 tweets this week, compared to only 529 tweets that discussed voting or the election. It appears the media sees the midterms as a referendum on the president.

Tomorrow, we will see what the country decides.