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The Many Messages on Mueller

Last week, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller dominated Congress’ Twitter conversation, with more than 1,200 mentions from the Spin Factor … and a variety of hashtags.

With former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s much-anticipated testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees last week, it’s no surprise that he topped Congress members’ conversation on Twitter.

In fact, six of the top 20 hashtags used by congressional lawmakers this week mentioned Mueller or his report on the 2016 election.

In total, there were 1,271 tweets mentioning Mueller by Congress—907 mentions by Democrats and 364 mentions by Republicans. That means 13 percent of Congressional Democrats’ tweets and 10 percent of Congressional Republicans’ tweets last week mentioned Mueller.

In the past, Republicans have been relatively quiet about Mueller’s investigation, so these numbers might be surprising. But, it seems Mueller has bipartisan interest in Congress.