The Coronavirus Conversation

As the Coronavirus pandemic captures the nation’s attention and impacts everyday life, we took a look at what people are saying about the national emergency on Twitter.

In the last week alone, there were 158.8 million tweets about the Coronavirus – an increase of roughly 120 million tweets from the week prior. Among topics that we analyzed for this report, the government’s response to the Coronavirus drove the largest share of conversation, with 13.5 million tweets about the federal, state and local government. Outside of government-focused conversations, people talked in equal numbers about the social impact and business impact of the pandemic.

Who is driving the conversation?

Key influencers were identified using GPG’s Network Influencer Tool, which analyzes participation, engagement, connections, information-sharing and reach within a given topic to determine overall influence scores and rankings of those involved.

As the Coronavirus conversation took off during the last week, the most influential people on Twitter were the President, the CDC, and media outlets and journalists. Celebrities also influenced the conversation as they encouraged people to #stayhome.