The Circle

A Direct Line to the President?

President Trump follows a selectively curated group of 45 Twitter accounts. A big benefit of being one of those accounts? You get a direct line to the Tweeter in Chief.

A look at the most-retweeted tweets of this group demonstrates just that, as his “Twitter friends” voice their opinions on the president’s actions or current policy debates, as if speaking directly to him.

For example, Eric Bolling, a conservative political commentator, had a “couple of suggestions” for Trump regarding White House leaks, and Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson gave the president talking points for the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The Circle

Like Father Like Son

This week, Donald Trump Jr. had a big uptick in Twitter activity, tweeting 109 times, up from 85 tweets the previous week. Of those posts, he retweeted other accounts 72% of the time, while 28% of his tweets were original.

Meanwhile, Katrina Pierson – the spokesperson for President Trump’s 2016 campaign – had the most tweets this week among the accounts the president follows at 132, with 104 of those being retweets. Piers Morgan takes the prize for the most original content, with 102 of his 113 tweets being his own.

The Trump Twitter base seems to have taken notice of Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet frenzy. Among All the President’s Friends, Donald Trump Jr. was responsible for the three most retweeted tweets last week, in which he discussed unemployment, illegal criminal gangs and the “double standard” against Republicans.