The Oval

Saturdays Are for the Tweets

President Trump’s weekday Twitter volume was pretty consistent last week, but the president had a big spike in activity on Saturday when he tweeted more than three times the amount he did on Friday.

Last week, President Trump’s Twitter volume was pretty consistent during the weekdays. From Monday to Thursday, the president tweeted between 18 and 20 times each day, dipping slightly to 12 tweets on Friday.

But on Saturday, Trump had one of his patented Twitter flurries, tweeting 44 times – nearly 30 percent of his total tweet count for the week (149 total tweets).

Trump’s Twitter activity on Saturday included attacks on the news media, criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and hyping his 2020 campaign.

Trump’s followers seemed to respond to the spike in Twitter activity. His weekday tweets received an average of 16,562 retweets, while his Saturday tweets nabbed an average of 17,450 retweets.