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Quit Till You’re Ahead: Trump’s Mueller Strategy

President Trump didn’t mention Special Counsel Robert Mueller by name on Twitter for more than six months after his May 2017 appointment. But as the investigation progressed, Trump began to talk about the special counsel with increasing frequency.

The Mueller investigation has unfolded with several twists and turns over the last two years, providing many opportunities for the president to weigh in. But for the most part, President Trump seemed to hold his Twitter fire until he was assured of the results.

From May 2017, when Special Counselor Robert Mueller was appointed, to the end of 2017, Trump only mentioned him once, and that was in a retweet. During that time, Mueller expanded his investigation to include obstruction of justice and Trump’s campaign manager and business partner were indicted for making false statements.

But it wasn’t until April of this year that Trump’s mentions of Mueller by name really ramped up—after the report was released to Attorney General William Barr and the results were made public.

Trump mentioned Mueller more times in April and May (90 tweets) than the 22 months prior (87 total tweets from May 2017 to March 2019).

Seems like Trump waited until he had a winning hand before fully diving in.