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New York Times Not Seen as “Failing” by Media Peers

Despite Trump’s best efforts to disqualify the New York Times, the publication’s reporters continue to drive the Twitter conversation among Washington, D.C., journalists and pundits.

We know President Trump is not a fan of the New York Times. He’s referred to the publication as the “failing New York Times” several times. But it seems the journalism community disagrees.

Among Washington, D.C., journalists and pundits, five out of the eight most retweeted accounts this past week were New York Times reporters, including Maggie Haberman with 46 retweets, Jonathan Martin with 31 retweets, Peter Baker with 31 retweets, Eric Lipton with 20 retweets, and Alex Burns with 19 retweets.

Five of Haberman’s retweets, 11 of Martin’s retweets, seven of Baker’s retweets, five of Lipton’s retweets and seven of Burns’ retweets were from other New York Times reporters. New York Times reporters seem to have each other’s Twitter backs, but the majority of their retweets came from other Washington, D.C., reporters.