The Circle

New Year, Same Allegiance

Even in a new year consumed by the government shutdown and other political woes, Trump’s “friends” remain steadfastly loyal to the president. Trump is by far their top focus on Twitter, followed by criticism of Democrats and support for a border wall.

The select 45 accounts that President Trump follows on Twitter continue to be his biggest allies in 2019. Their top three most-tweeted words in the past week were Trump’s Twitter handle “@realdonaldtrump,” “Trump” and “president.”

The group’s top tweets discussed job creation and the stock market, the government’s ability to function during the partial shutdown, and Trump’s work to help the Coast Guard during the shutdown.

All the President’s Friends also used the social media platform to take aim at the president’s critics, as their fourth most-used word was “Democrats.” Meanwhile, “border” and “wall” were their sixth and eighth most-used words, respectively, which highlights the group’s efforts to drum up support for Trump’s pet issue.