The Trail

Long Live the Yang Gang

After Andrew Yang gained the most followers during the December Democratic Debate, extending his reign as the King of New Followers for the third debate in a row, we’re seeing that his tweets throughout the debate—plus an unexpected partnership—have caught the eye of the country.

During the December Democratic Debate, Presidential candidate Andrew Yang swept the competition in followers gained on Twitter. The entrepreneur gained 8,622 followers from 7:00 pm EST on Dec. 19 to 12:00 am EST on December 20—over double the followers gained by his next-closest competitor, Senator Amy Klobuchar, who gained 3,378 followers in the same time period.

While Klobuchar’s gain is notable as well, Yang spoke about half as many words as she did during the debate, less than any other candidate. So, what gives?

During the day of the debate, Yang tweeted 24 times and received over 58,000 retweets. And his top tweets during the debate, which dug into the issues, got even bigger play, including one which featured a video of him discussing how he was the only candidate of color on the debate stage. This tweet sparked discussions of race on Twitter throughout the night, with Yang supporters applauding him for staying in the presidential race. Other top tweets discuss vulnerable communities, women’s rights and the GDP.

In addition, Yang’s campaign announced on December 19 that actor and singer Donald Glover will be joining the campaign as a Creative Consultant, which gained traction on Twitter from news outlets, political analysts and Yang fans alike.

Will Yang’s Twitter popularity translate to votes in the primaries? Only time will tell.