The Circle

Giving Their People What They Want

Although only 24% of tweets from the accounts the president follows mentioned Trump this week, those that did were retweeted an average of 8,400 times, while non-Trump mentions were only retweeted an average of 1,700 times.

The users that President Trump follows prove that mentioning Trump is a crowd pleaser—at least for their audiences.

Over the past week, 24% of Trump’s friends’ tweets mentioned Trump—19% of the group’s total original tweets and 33% of total retweets. However, the tweets that mentioned Trump had a much larger footprint: they were retweeted 8,400 times on average, nearly five times more than those not mentioning Trump, which were only retweeted 1,700 times on average.

With such a large boost in engagement from the Trump factor, perhaps they’ll give the President more airtime in coming weeks.