The Oval

Doubling Down on Retweets

On average, about 86% of President Trump’s tweets are original and about 14% are retweets. This past week, the president’s retweet rate more than doubled, jumping to 31%. Is this week an outlier or are we seeing a new presidential Twitter strategy?

Does President Trump have a new Twitter strategy? The president’s retweet rate more than doubled this past week.

Prior to last week, the Tweeter in Chief’s average retweet rate was 14.2% (based on roughly 900 previous tweets). This past week, that figure jumped to 31.8%, with 29 of his 93 tweets being retweets.

Hurricane Michael likely drove the higher retweet rate, as the president retweeted @FEMA and @NHC_Atlantic four times each, and also retweeted handles like @FLGuard and @FLGovScott.

Interestingly, the president continued his trend of retweeting himself this week, with three retweets for @realDonaldTrump.