Conversation about the Coronavirus Impact on Social Issues

The impact on education dominated the conversation about the social impact of Coronavirus, especially early in the week as K-12 schools, colleges and universities began to announce remote learning plans and closures.

Most used Twitter as a way to share information broadly about school closures. Some also engaged in conversation to pressure more districts to close classrooms (e.g. tweeting at Mayor DeBlasio to close NYC schools). School conversations sometimes overlapped with food security conversations as people worried about students who rely on school meals.

Most of the paid leave conversation focused on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Some also took to Twitter to call on specific companies to expand paid leave policies for their employees. Senator Sanders shared a message on Twitter to pressure Jeff Bezos to guarantee paid sick leave to Amazon’s 800 thousand workers in warehouses, which thousands liked and retweeted.

Conversation about elder care was driven by local leaders who shared information about steps to protect adults age 65+ who are most at risk. Individuals also tweeted reminders to remotely check in on elderly neighbors, family and friends without putting them at risk.