Conversation about the Coronavirus Impact on Industry

Sports dominated the conversation, followed by airlines.

Early in the week, most of the sports conversation focused on breaking news about delayed seasons and events. Some tweeted about comments from President Trump early in the week when he expressed concern that the NFL would follow the NHL’s lead and preemptively delay the season. As more NBA players tested positive for the virus, a debate emerged on Twitter about whether it is fair to prioritize access to testing for the rich and famous. A tweet by MSNBC contributor David Corn that shared President Trump’s comments on the debate over who should have access to testing gained some traction online.

Following sports, conversation about airlines was the most dominant. People shared news about airlines cutting back on flights and debated whether they should be bailed out by the federal government. Many took to Twitter to oppose a federal bailout for airlines, which they accused of unfairly increasing ticket prices and prioritizing profits over consumers. As travel restrictions intensified, Twitter also became a platform to raise awareness of long lines at airports and chaotic scenes that put travelers at risk of contracting the virus.